Welcome to the THE STUDIO!

We provide both Pilates and circuit training based programs of exercise tailored to individual needs


THE STUDIO at Johnson & Hayes is appropriate for everyone who wants to stay vital and active, regardless of current fitness level. We are experts in the fields of anatomy and human physiology and combine sound scientific principles with the best techniques from many disciplines of fitness to create an exercise program that stands apart from all others.


At THE STUDIO, our goal is to increase range of motion, increase strength, enhance joint stability, maintain healthy movement patterns, and correct abnormal postural habits to balance and strengthen muscles, thus improving overall function for daily living and athleticism.


Benefits to our method
of exercise include:

Enhanced overall
muscle tone
Increased core
strength and stability
Improved posture
flexibility and balance
Relief from joint
pain and stiffness
Increased energy
and circulation
Heightened body
Reduced chronic muscle
tension and strain
Improved spinal
support and mobility
Building and maintaining
bone mass
Prevention of injury

As an affiliate of Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists, THE STUDIO shares a vision of physical fitness and overall well-being for all of our clients. However, classes taught at THE STUDIO are a personal training service, not a Physical and/or Occupational Therapy service.