Welcome to the THE STUDIO! 


Here at The STUDIO we fuse classic Reformer based Pilates with other body strengthening work such as TRX, Springboards, and Jumpboards. We have developed an intelligent exercise that not only sculpts a beautiful body, but allows for decompression of the spine as well as stretching and strengthening the body.  We believe that a consistent Pilates program can enhance the well being of the body AND mind.  Our Pilates method is highly efficient as it works the body as a whole,  combining the use of breath with the activation of the inner muscles of the body’s core.  Here at The STUDIO your core will always be activated, your muscles challenged, and it won’t take long for you to start noticing a change. 

Benefits to our method
of exercise include:

Enhanced overall
muscle tone
Increased core
strength and stability
Improved posture
flexibility and balance
Relief from joint
pain and stiffness
Increased energy
and circulation
Heightened body
Reduced chronic muscle
tension and strain
Improved spinal
support and mobility
Building and maintaining
bone mass
Prevention of injury

As an affiliate of Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists, THE STUDIO shares a vision of physical fitness and overall well-being for all of our clients. However, classes taught at THE STUDIO are a personal training service, not a Physical and/or Occupational Therapy service.